Felicio Franco, one of Massachusetts’ most famed hairstylists, opened his first self-titled salon in August of 1990, It was only a matter of time before the salon was named the city's most appointment-worthy and coolest spot” by the Boston Globe. Nestled in the stylish neighborhood of the South End part of New Bedford, blocks away from beach, the luxurious space is truly a reflection of both Felicio Franco & his Wife, trend-setting style; a welcoming and hip environment that inspires and caters to its Loyal clientele. The spacious salon has a minimalist, South Beach look that is distinctly unique and modern. Flooded with natural sunlight through huge windows and skylights during the day, the cozy modern space has an intimate yet airy feel. Furnished with custom décor and an impressive mirrors. While the look of the salon sets the tone for a high-end experience, it is the friendly, personal and attentive service paired with the highly talented styling team that truly makes the Felicio Franco Salon one of a kind.